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Baked Goods

Royal Bay Bakery produces a wide variety of made-from-scratch goods. Many recipes date back to previous owners and the original methods of baking. Many other recipes are original creations by owner/operators David and Gwen. All food products sold at Royal Bay Bakery are made from scratch using quality ingredients with the knowledge and skill of certified bakers and chefs. Products range from classic bakery offerings of bread, buns, pastries, and sweets, to café-deli style savoury rolls and coffee. Royal Bay Bakery also offers a delectable take-away menu of hot classics - like the clubhouse wrap, beef dip, and all day breakfast bun - and build-your own-sandwiches.

Below you will find listed some of the many delicious products Royal Bay Bakery has to offer!

doughnuts bread shortbread cookies pastries


  • Doughnuts: Honey glazed, chocolate glazed, sprinkle, sugared and filled with raspberry jam
  • Apple fritters - David's secret recipe, a best seller!
  • Cinnamon buns - sold in packages of 6, perfect for consumption 1, or 3, at a time!
  • Shortbread Cookies - classic diamonds or seasonal holiday shapes, these cookies are a hit with kids and parents alike!
  • Classic cookies: Chocolate chip, Almond butter, Bird's nest, Oatmeal raisin, Ginger snaps, Cinnamon sugar, Meringues. The perfect snack!
  • Tarts and Squares: Brownies, Nanaimo bars, Lemon tarts, Medallions, Date squares, Coconut cream tarts, Millionaire shortbread, Florentines, Butter tarts, Whipped cream Long Johns, Fruit and nut bars, Chocolate chip oat bars and more. Come and try them all!
  • Classic Pastries: Strudels (apple or cherry), Almond filled Danish pastry, Copenhagens, Pecan sticky buns, Chocolatines, Butter Croissant, Tomato Cream cheese pockets, Danishes, Apple turnovers and Scones.


  • Sourdough Breads - Classic rye, sourdough white, and flavoured ryes: roasted garlic, onion pepper, caraway, kalamata olive
  • Pan Breads - White, whole grain wheat, multigrain, flax, sunshine raisin, cheese
  • Classic hand-formed loaves - French, Vienna, Hungarian
  • 100% Whole grain Spelt, 100% Red Fife, Danish Rye (100% dark rye)
  • Baguettes and bread ladders


  • Dinner rolls
  • Hamburger
  • Hotdog and smokies
  • Sourdough soup buns
  • Cheese
  • Ciabatta
  • Focaccia
  • Butter buns
  • Cloverleaf


  • Sausage rolls - we're famous for them!
  • Rolls: Spinach cheese, Wild salmon, Mediterranean vegetable, Herb'n Chicken
  • Meat pies: Chicken, Steak and Mushroom, Minced Beef
  • Croissants: Ham and Swiss, BBQ Beef and Cheddar
  • Strudels: Mushroom, Vegetable
  • Potato Wraps: Ham and Cheddar, Spinach and Swiss, Bacon and Tomato
  • Indonesian Wraps
  • Salads: Chef, Berries and Greens, Garden, Potato, Greek pasta, Coleslaw, Quinoa, Thai pasta, Bean
  • Mini Pizzas, Pepperoni cheese sticks

Coffee & Tea

  • We carry 2% Jazz coffee, roasted locally by the one and only Sam Jones.
  • Drip coffee
  • Specialty coffees: Lattes, Cappuccinos, Americanos
  • Tea: London Fog, Chai lattes
  • Cold Iced Tea with honey and Minted Lemonade (made in house)


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