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About Us

David and Gwen
Gwen and David delivered solar-baked cupcakes in their electric Nissan Leaf for Robert Bateman's birthday celebration at the Youth Climate Action Summit at Royal Roads University in May 2013.
mural by Kay Lovett
Our logo, mural and signage were created by our good friend, the very talented artist Kay Lovett.

Our History

David and Gwen purchased the bakery in 1995 after moving to the Island with their two young boys. Positive response and growth lead to an expansion in 1998, enabling the addition of savoury items and coffee to the available products. The past 20 years have seen continued product line development and diversification. Recent renovations, including the addition of a new kitchen, expanded seating, and a revitalized customer experience, have enabled us to add hot menu items for your enjoyment. At Royal Bay Bakery we value quality ingredients, supporting the community, and being conscious of the environment. We even have solar panels to help power the oven!

Read more about our Solar, Green and Sustainable commitment

Watch a 2012 documentary about our history up to that point ...

Royal Bay Bakery [Documentary 2012] from Emma-Lynn Whitman on Vimeo.


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